I believe the most effective therapy comes from establishing a trusting therapist-client relationship. When working with you, I strive to understand your unique situation and validate your experiences. I get that change can be difficult, and so it is important that you feel safe in sharing your story with me.

My approach is to be firm but kind when working with my clients. Balancing compassion with accountability is something I’ve learned to be useful in helping promote change in people.

As your therapist, my goal is to help you get where you want to be.  Maybe you're looking to be in a happier state of mind or maybe your marriage is stuck in a rut.  Whatever you're looking for I want to work with you to find out what that looks like and how we can get you there.  

And as a couple’s therapist, my job is to find balance in working with both partners.  I hold a contextual theory which is based on relational fairness between family members, even those not present in therapy.  The techniques and interventions that I tend to use are an eclectic mix of the Gottman method, CBT (cognitive-behavioral), structural, and mindfulness practices. 

You and I work toward setting you up to make decisions that feel true to you! You are the driver and I’m just along for the ride!